Off the Clock

Talk anonymously about work with others in your profession

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Hello everyone! We all spend a large part of our lives at our jobs and interfacing with other people at their jobs, and yet: 1. There is no global community of other people doing our job (whether we're a barista, product manager, administrative assistant, or college professor) for us to anonymously share our experiences with and ask questions to, and... 2. Most of us don't have any insight into what other people are experiencing at their jobs. I built Off the Clock to fix this. It's a "global, mobile, 24/7 bar" where you can anonymously share thoughts, stories and pictures about your job and other people can like, comment and answer them. You can hashtag your posts with your occupation, and follow any hashtags you're interested in, so you can get a look "behind closed doors" and see what other people are experiencing at their jobs. And by answering the Question of the Day every day, you can build up a rich profile and meet new people. There's also lots of animated GIFs :) I'm happy to answer any questions about the app, and I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback! btw - we're also running a launch contest and sweepstakes for app users. Details are here :)
@rajatrocks there is a network effect at play here. You need more users for this to be addictive to existing users?
@aswinsam @rajatrocks Yes, I'm trying to figure out ways to address that. One is to try to start in a specific vertical - like the service industry. Would love to hear other ideas if you have any!
And in case anyone is interested, when I was trying to build a framework in my head for where Off the Clock existed in the landscape of social apps (particularly Facebook), I ended up writing this: - it's long but you might find it interesting if you're thinking about social apps.