Off the Chain

New podcast by Anthony Pompliano on crypto investing

Host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano talks to some of the most respected names in crypto and Wall Street to find out how intelligent investors from the new and old financial system are thinking about digital assets.

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Hey everyone — Welcome to Off The Chain podcast. I created this with the guys at Blockworks Group as a way to share interesting conversations with the most interesting people in crypto and Wall Street. Both groups think about digital assets from different perspectives so it has been fascinating to compare the thoughts of software engineers to multi-billion dollar asset managers. Each episode has a different focus based on the individual's background and experiences. You can listen to the podcast here: You can read the daily newsletter here: What people do you think I should interview next? Any specific topics that you would find interesting? Thanks for checking it out and look forward to answering your questions.
Hey all – We had two new episodes dropping on Wednesday (including a surprise episode with one of your favorite Hunters). If you have specific questions or guests that you want to see on the podcast, let us know! @APompliano and @jason_yano What are your favorite podcasts in the crypto space?
Pomp is one of the most knowledgeable people in crypto and startup growth, was a pleasure being in the show! Should have @balajis on as a guest sometime 🚀
@balajis @nivo0o0 You were great. Thanks for spending the time to record. Would love to have Balaji if he is interested :)