Remotely shutdown your PC or Mac.

Off makes it easy to remotely turn off any computer on your network from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. It features the ability to sleep, restart, shutdown, wake and everything can be scheduled and timed.
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I was using Termius on iPhone to put my Mac to sleep with SSH commands. And after I saw this post, I gave it a try but I saw you have to install 2 apps, one for your iPhone and one for your Mac. Also in free version you can just shutdown your computer, not sleep or other functions. If this app was free I'd definitely use it. Then I started to look for a better way than Termius method. So I figured you can run SSH commands with Apple's Shortcuts app. So I made a simple document. If you're a Mac and iPhone user then you can put your computer to sleep with your iPhone or you can do anything with terminal commands. Also the good part is you don't have to install any app neither to your Mac nor to your iPhone. And the greatest part of it you can just use Siri to sleep your computer from your iPhone. Put your Mac to sleep with your iPhone Just in case if the link is broken in the future.
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@ozgrozer that’s really interesting. I had no idea you could run terminal commands using Shortcuts. If you’re proficient with the command line then that could be a great way of achieving similar functionality. Other people may find installing Off on their PC or Mac easier though as they won’t have to worry about what their IP address is, enabling SSH etc. Plus there are some other features you’ll get with the app, such as waking computers and schedules.
@markbridgesapps Since you can run scripts over SSH, sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want to do. It's not just sleep. I was going to use your app until I saw you need to subscribe in order to get all features. You probably hear a lot but I don't think subscription method is a good way for that kind of apps. Because both Mac and iOS apps are for offline usage. I mean you're not paying AWS or something. So it should be free or one time purchase.
@ozgrozer What I like about this model is that the users are able get a free trial to see if they find the full feature set useful before handing over any money. It’s a shame when you pay for an app upfront and don’t end up using it. I’ve kept my server costs to a minimum but offering support and infinite updates isn’t free so developers need a recurring revenue stream. That’s why you’ll notice there’s a trend in the App Store towards subscriptions at the moment. That said, I understand how you feel and I also offer the app as a paid upfront offering. You can download it here
This could be useful for parents. Thankfully this wasn't around when I was a child. ;)
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Would love to hear what people think of this app.
please get me this soooner on ANDROID
@naman_ you’ll find the Android version here
Great job!!😊 Windows to be used to close from iPhone