Create GIFs with live audio

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I met @Quincy at a Product Hunt event in LA two years back. I struck a conversation with him and was impressed by how he thought about consumer behavior not only from his existing fan base, but how influencers like himself adapt to apps and bring their followers to new social networks. I have some more thoughts here: https://www.opentest.co/share/1b...
Really cool project :) You know that Odio translates to Hate? (at least in Portuguese)
@wildlifechorus It also means Hate in Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Galician and Latin. Now that every product is global, language proofing is essential. Makes me remember of these cars: Mazda LaPuta, Nissan Moco and Mitsubishi Pajero... which translate to Mazda TheBitch, Nissan Mucus and Mitsubishi Wanker! Hahaha
@pmcarrion @wildlifechorus also reminiscent, at least phonetically, to the Twitter guys's first ill-fated company - Odeo - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odeo
Is it really a GIF if there's audio? It's just a short video, like a vine or boomerang clip for Instagram?
I really really liked the App. Very beautiful and sleek. What I didn't really understand is the live audio part. First of all, if the GIF have audio then it's not gif it's mp4 and sites that support GIFs (e.g. PH) can't show it. Secondly, as I understand it live audio is something that is constantly changing cause it's live, or maybe I misunderstood something.