Identify celebrities with your phone's camera

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Odinn uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to compare a photo you've taken with an entire database of known famous people. It can identify multiple people in the same image and provide some quick links to read more about them, too!

Available for both iOS and Android

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Max Korbel
Max KorbelMaker@max_korbel · Engineer
Please let me know what you think! Any suggestions for ways to improve the app are more than welcome!
Mick@mickc79 · SongBox Founder / GetFed Co-Founder
Hi is this simply an exercise on technology or have you identified a problem that requires solving. If so, what’s the problem?
Max Korbel
Max KorbelMaker@max_korbel · Engineer
@mickc79 This app can help you find out who a familiar actor or athlete is that you might see in a movie, TV show, or ad, without having to scour the internet for cast lists, etc. If you see a face and want to know who it is, you can just take a quick photo with the app and get your answer within seconds
Bader Bouta
Bader Bouta@bader_bouta
Cool project, I've read both your privacy policy and terms, it's full of legal holes, and if you don't wanna risk being sued into bankruptcy, you'd better change it.