Launch a subscription video service with branded apps. Free.

Announcing the first of its kind: A completely branded subscription video service with apps on every major platform at absolutely zero up-front cost. All the tools you need to publish, distribute, and monetize video on any platform - mobile, web, and TV.
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Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ - Odeum is the first major product launch from the team at JLOOP (jloop.com). We kicked it off at a company retreat 3 years ago and have been soft-launching it with a few publishing partners for the last year. We're incredibly proud and super excited to be sharing it here with you now. We're confident in saying that no one in this space is even considering offering what we are offering - A service to launch a complete set of fully-branded apps for mobile, web, tablets, and TV devices at zero up-front cost. It seems kinda crazy, even to us. So πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ - why did we build this? We love video. We love storytellers. And we are sick and tired of advertisers. We live in an unprecedented time for connecting storytellers with their audiences. We want to empower the small publishers (as well as the big ones) to connect directly with viewers with an honest approach and a sustainable business model. We are committed to the success of our publishers and standing by to help. We know that right now, a lot of small businesses are searching for answers to an uncertain future. We're very excited about some of the new publishers that are launching on our platform - (among them: a yoga studio, a pre-school music teacher, a ballet studio, and an animated series) - because they honestly couldn't afford to do this with anyone else, and we believe they can be successful in creating a new and sustainable revenue stream on our platform. Many features to come on our roadmap, including live broadcasting, pricing tiers, downloadable resources, and more. Shoot us some questions and we'll do our best to answer quickly. We are controlling the flow of new publishers, but we'll process them fast for the PH community. Cheers and thanks for checking us out! ✌️
Sounds like the perfect solution/service for these times, kudos for helping the small business owner!
Very cool @hookjd. Distribution to so many platforms is always an afterthought, love that you're doing it intentionally. Especially now with so many 'at home' creators looking to get their creations out!
@noinput Thanks so much. Yes we feel fortunate to be well positioned to help people who really need it right now. Building native apps on all these platforms is a challenge, but we're pretty proud of what we've got. Cheers.