Instant replay for gaming streams

This Chrome extension is really sweet for anyone that likes to watch gaming livestreams (on Twitch.tv for example). All you need to do is to type !shot in the comment field of the live stream and a new tab opens up with an instant replay of the last ~30 seconds of the stream. You can also download the replay if you want!
Hi, I'm one of the founders of Oddshot and I'd gladly answer any and all questions relating to our service. Of course all the feedback you guys can give us is also super appreciated! We will be bringing out a bunch of cool new features in the coming months as well. Hope you like it!
@teempai this is brilliant!
@jmonegro @teempai Thanks so much! It's still pretty simple, but we have big plans.
@teempai As mentioned I think this product is really cool and I love the execution. Why did you decide to pick exactly this problem to solve?
@teempai would love to chat about them!
@tkrunning @teempai Well it was pretty organic. My co-founder and I love watching gaming livestreams, but we both found that streams often have a lot of downtime, which is why watching the highlights on youtube is great. The problem is these highlights MIGHT end up on youtube at some point. We figured an instant replay for these streams would be a great way to very quickly get all the highlights online and shared with the world. So we decided to build it and once we tried it for the first time we knew we were on to something. It's very addictive and it's so much fun watching all the highlights our users are capturing. Eventually we will have automatically curated playlists of highlights, so that viewers can watch JUST the best moments and skip all the downtime in between. We also really like the idea that we might be able to help some less-known streamers get a lot of visibility by allowing their viewers to capture clips and spread them on the internet and social media.
Oh, I actually just realized our website doesn't say that the plugin currently only works on Twitch, but we will be adding other streaming services soon.