OddEven Carpool

collaborative car-pooling to reduce carbon footprint

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This is an application for the benefit of people who has to follow Odd Even Rule of traffic. Something like recently seen in Delhi, city in India to reduce the city's carbon footprint! Pollution levels have been touching hazardous levels and the government has taken a step to allow only odd and even numbered vehicles to ply on alternative days from Jan 1 2016. Users can signup on this application and enrol their vehicle registration number securely. Application will let you know if you can ply on a given day or not, also an interactive map which shows the users signed-up with this application who are willing to offer you a ride. Thus people can collaborate and find their riding partners either permanently or daily basis. This actually is a cool initiative which will reduce the number of private vehicles by half and contributes in reducing air pollution because of fossil fuels at much lesser costs. Please let me know if you got any feedback. TIA