Bitcoin address watcher for iOS

Ocular is a Bitcoin address watcher for iOS. Easily check the balance of your bitcoin wallet without the need for private keys. Therefore it is a nice (and secure) companion app for a paper wallet, Ledger Nano S, or TREZOR. Android version is coming soon.

Axel Lemmens
Xander Deseyn
Robin Haveneers
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  • Xander Deseyn
    Xander DeseynCo-Founder at Devizer

    Safe and easy to use


    Only Bitcoin supported

    A great companion app if you have a Ledger or Trezor.

    Xander Deseyn has used this product for one day.
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Djamal Dagirov
Djamal Dagirov @westeross · dev
Oh man wish every app had a design like this one
Jensen Bernard
Jensen BernardMaker@preshove · Student CS
Hey Product Hunt! We created this small app to be able to track the balance of our hardware wallets, without the need for private keys. It had to be simple and easy to use. An Android version is on its way too. We would love to get some feedback!
David West
David West@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
@preshove Looks awesome. Anything to stop it being adopted across different cryptos? Or just sheer amount of work? Would be nice to auto-track your actual balances of alt-coins in there.. as currently that's a v manual process for people.
Jensen Bernard
Jensen BernardMaker@preshove · Student CS
@david_west Thanks! The main reason is that it was a small side project and we couldn’t find decent api’s for other currencies that had all the info we needed. Maybe we’ll add support for alts when a good api becomes available.
Maido Käära
Maido Käära@maidokaara · Developer
@preshove App is cool and simple to use, but not really useful since you are not supposed to reuse addresses and can't add xpub keys to the app.