Search the repositories starred by your following on GitHub

OctoSearch is a web app that let's you search the repositories starred by your following on GitHub.

Winnie Phan
Minhthuong Vuong
  • Winnie Phan
    Winnie Phan👩🏻‍💻happy maker of 🎒nomadwallet app •

    - supper fast!!!!!

    - saving me a lot of time to check if the source is worth using.


    - if the people I am following, do not follow any project i search, it returns nothing

    So the site is all about the favorite projects list from my following which are considered as highly recommendation from them.

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Hey everyone! I'm really excited to share OctoSearch with you. As a developer, I spend a lot of time on GitHub to explore the open sources. When I look at a project, I often click on the Stars button to see if any of my following starred the project. That's because I trust my following so their stars are valuable to me. Repeating that action over and over again I come up with an idea to build a tool to search from starred repositories by following users and that is OctoSearch. Please give it a try if you are a GitHub user. Happy to hear any suggestions you might have! ✌️😻
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Love this idea. So far, I have to keep clicking 'more' button until i find proper one, but THIS solve my problem with one shot! And super fast search speed as well! Thanks Ho Duc Ha and keep going!!
@minhoko Thanks Min Ho, much appreciated! 🙂🙌
Interesting an nice UI!
Thanks Alex.