Octopus Tasks

Earn by doing micro-tasks for companies and friends.

Octopus Tasks is a way to make better use of your free-time by completing micro-tasks for friends and companies in the real-world in return for OCTPS Coin

I'm a 20 year old long-time Product Hunt fan who wanted to build and scale something that I've always wished existed. My plan has been to start from a very minimal app and build out from there.

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I signed in and did not get any information on how many are on the waiting list. Also haven't received any confirmation mail yet. What's next? I thinks it's an awesome idea, to make the time count. Will the tasks be frequent? Can't wait to try!
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Hi @benedictaltier, love to hear more about Octopus Tasks. What are the top tasks people can earn from? Where can people spend their OCTPS Coins?
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cool, is it like amazon mechanical turk? Can OCTPs convert to gbp or usd?
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@graeme_fulton It's like Mechanical Turk but the idea is that people can do tasks in the real world while living their ordinary lives. It's designed to turn unproductive time into rewards or cash without being something you have to dedicate time to (i.e like a job).
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@graeme_fulton You will be able to trade OCTPS for cash but currently only businesses will be able to buy OCTPS directly for cash.
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Seems slightly similar to CloudFactory, except we’re trying to help people in developing nations digitally work their way out of poverty. https://www.cloudfactory.com
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https://imageoptim.com/mac – That background image took a while to load. No one really wants to download a 1.6MB background image on mobile.