Octopus Do 2.0

A lightning-fast visual sitemap builder

#2 Product of the DayMay 13, 2020
Octopus.do is a tool where you can create a website or application structure, add notes, specify page content, and use color schemes to improve your site map design. It’s lighting fast and very simple to use. No sign-up required.
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16 Reviews4.7/5
Hello Producthunters, it’s been almost a year since we launched our sitemap builder and we are very grateful for received product feedbacks from PH community. Many of you still are using our tool, that’s the highest award for us and motivation to move forward. We are working on new things, and recently released some update we would like to share with you: - Wireframes. Now you can easily add simple wireframes to visualize the block contents. - Refactored UI controls. As we were adding new functionality, the page controls and interface itself became crowded. We had to do something about it, hope you like it ;) - Team dashboard. For better collaboration and all projects at hand with your team members. - Vertical mode. Many of you work on HUGE projects that can’t stick to the horizontal view, and the zoom-out feature can’t help. That one is for you! - Better PDF export, Comments, Real-time collaboration, Dark theme etc. And finally, we got a new website https://octopus.do/sitemap — hope you will like it. Cheers, Karl
@karlplaude1 This is brilliant. Can't wait to try it out.
LOVELY product (I imagine it must be a godsend for teams/agencies) and GORGEOUS website! A not-so-major annoyance: when I signed up I had to enter my full name, country, company name and role. I understand why those could be needed in some accounts, but why not let people set that all up later instead of forcing them to enter details that might not even be relevant to them (e.g. "company name" -> what if I'm a hobbyist?) Regarding the video, the demo shows off the product nicely and is totally convincing but my first though was "the person who does the voice over sounds SO bored..." and then I realized it's a probably a TTS.
great tool for site planning!
Awesome UX.
This is a personal game changer. Thank you so much!
@solomon_teach Agreed! Until yesterday I did sitemaps in either Dropbox Paper (great tool for notes by the way) or Workflowy-style software. This is so much more intuitive and really gives you a bird's eye view of the structure and whether or not it makes sense/is repetitive/etc!