Octobrella by GE + BLUNT

Industrial-strength ☔️ for whatever the 🌎 throws at you 🐙

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First off congrats on launching PH shop! Just a bit of feedback, my first inclination was to try and find more information on this umbrella somewhere on the page, kind of like how amazon has some really fleshed out product pages. Clicking "website" just takes me to a checkout form. A little hesitant to drop 80 bones based off of a handful of pictures.
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@wuss Agreed, not a lot here to tell me why I should buy an $80 umbrella.
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@soerenes @wuss Thanks for feedback guys! Very good points - will work on improving that.
I've been lucky enough to spend the last 12 years at GE Global Research working on a wide variety of technologies that solve important problems for Aviation, Power, and Oil & Gas. In the Composites Design and Analysis Lab where I work, we focus primarily on delivering amazing new composite material technologies for aircraft engines and wind turbines which allow our customers to fly and generate power more efficiently and at lower cost. But I'm only one proud member of a much larger community who creates solutions for what the world needs. So, why am I here talking about an Umbrella? I was inspired by the way Greig and Blunt approached the problem of terrible weather by using his engineering background and a splash of ingenuity to re-invent the umbrella. Though the applications of aircraft engine fan blades and umbrellas are quite different, it was amazing to see the similarities in the composite material design challenges. In either case, we pursue the lightest possible design that is capable of withstanding events like hail storms, high aerodynamic loads and even large impacts. So because of that shared ethos, we asked Blunt to craft the Octobrella, inspired by our latest video, as a symbol for how we build solutions to whatever the world calls for. To be clear, this isn’t a GE product, but something that allows us to apply our philosophical approach to any challenge. We are so excited to partner with Product Hunt and help the world’s brightest makers, creators, and technologists--like Blunt--get their products out into the world as fast as they can.
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Hello Product Hunt--Greig from Blunt here. We’re humbled to introduce the Octobrella to the PH community today! We wanted to make this product exclusively available for purchase on Product Hunt because we knew your lot would appreciate it most: after all, you spend your time building products too. We’ll be here to answer any questions—especially the nerdy engineering and material related questions.
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Wales NEEDS you ☔️
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@bentossell Thanks Ben - sounds like the weather we have in New Zealand!
@greig_brebner haha yep! think the climate (and landscape) is pretty similar
@bentossell @greig_brebner and we also share the similar trait of unnecessarily long place names... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta...
@jpageboy @greig_brebner haha! Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysilio-gogogoch (it's real to anyone else reading)
@bentossell Was thinking that the Welsh Gov. should be making this standard issue for us all 😜
OMG, hailing from the east coast... I have used (and broken) a LOT of umbrellas. This looks 💯. I am extremely curious about what it's made from... and if it'll be coming in a more compact form in the future @greig_brebner @todd_anderson? I think this'll make a perfect father's day gift too 🎁 since my dad golf in rain, sleet or snow (literally).
@jsneedles @todd_anderson Hey @jsneedles. These umbrellas are made from carbon ribs, aluminium shaft and high tension pongee polyester to tolerate the unique radial tension system that we have invented. This particular octobrella product in collaboration with GE only comes in our classic street umbrella size - the product we selected for best performance.
@greig_brebner @jsneedles @todd_anderson What are the dimensions when it's folded down?
@mike_bartlett the Octobrella is 33" long when folded.