Octoboard for Investors

Automatic startup performance updates for VCs 💰📈

#4 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2018

Investors get updated on Startup progress. Startups turn investors into Advisors.

Invest wisely! Get real figures on Sales, Finance and online marketing before committing to investment. Ask startups to connect Stripe, QuickBooks, SalesForce, Hubspot and use Octoboard templates to find out what is really going on.

The product is in PRE-LAUNCH

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Hey @lararusso_ny, Can you tell us more about what you've created here? What aspect are you most proud of?
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@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, Octoboard for Investors (info: https://www.octoboard.com/investors) is our 3rd product and yet another revenue stream for us. It has been in the making for 6 months now and is in the final stages of testing. Soon all 3 products will be released in English, Spanish, German, Porgugues, French, Italian, Russian and Dutch! We are now designing our NEXT PRODUCT - to be launched in 2019 - something we are really excited about. Thanks to ProductHunt for driving some traffic to our new product page :-) Have a good weekend!
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@jacqvon @lararusso_ny When will Product Hunt users get access?
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@jacqvon @amrith Hi Amrith, Mid August we will release to general public. Currently it is in testing internally and by early adopters (panel of 100 users).
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@lararusso_ny @jacqvon sounds like embedded TRUE VALUE ~ from its Creator...It works?....is designed in process compliance and 'user-friendly' componants...In other words - this product will suffice - 'no matter the project'
@jacqvon @hereripenebaker Thank you for the note! That was exactly it. Octoboard report to investors (and to ourselves!) regularly using Excel and Word. These reports helped us to set goals and beat them. Investors really engaged and we now see them as very valuable members of our team. Since April, we use our own Octoboard-built dashboards and reports and save ourselves a lot of time. Here is the link to the dashboard product while Octoboard for Investors in testing phase: https://www.octoboard.com/business

Very good product, where you can see all metrics about your product in one place


very good design, and features


not enaugh metrics yet

Hi Muhamed-Kanapiya, There are over 1400 metrics in the product already. Soon to surpass 2000 mark after the release of the new iteration. Full list of metrics and integrations is here: In English: https://www.octoboard.com/dashbo... In French: https://www.octoboard.com/fr/das... Plus 40 templates (soon to be 100+) In English: https://www.octoboard.com/reports In French: https://www.octoboard.com/fr/rep... Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and German are coming soon.
Hi Lara @lararusso_ny, Can I use it for more than one business?
@myhitboard Definitely. You will be able to create "Startups" within Octoboard for Investors. Add logins into Stripe or SalesForce, for example, and build independent reports for each Startup or Business. If you have one business, you can still use Octoboard for Business product (https://www.octoboard.com/business). Create separate teams there (finance department, sales department, engineering department, investors). Each independent Team or Startup has its own logins. You can invite unlimited number of users to log into Octoboard as "Viewers", "Experts" or "Admins", build reports and dashboards and share them on office screen, as PDF reports or host on your website if you like. Feel free to chat to our support guys on the website and ask any questions - we will be happy to assist with your queries.

I just linked up our business and added our founding team + advisors.

I love that we can add unlimited team members under the free tier and integrate all of our key BI metrics to see the complete picture from one dashboard.


Simple, clean UI. Plenty of integrations. Free.


None yet.

Thank you for the note Ryan! Great to have Cloud Campaign among our users.
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@lararusso_ny, it would be awesome if you integrated Hubspot. I'm not sure if it's on the roadmap, but we would love to track number of deals in each stage of the pipeline.
@b0rno Hi Ryan, Good news! HubSpot is our next integration. We will have full support for all data available from HubSpot and HubSpot CRM next month. Drop a quick email to our support guys if you like and they will update you on the HubSpot availability via support ticket.
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