The plush robot that leads you on STEAM learning adventures!

Octobo is now LIVE on Kickstarter! https://kck.st/2IahAfj

Octobo is a smart plush companion that learns, grows, and plays with kids through a tablet, interactive storybooks, and an expanding constellation of educational apps. For kids ages 0-7 Octobo transforms storytelling and learning into a playful, immersive experience

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Hi everyone! After over two strong years of development, our team is so proud to announce we just launched our Kickstarter for Octobo! You can view our campaign at https://kck.st/2IahAfj Octobo is an interactive plush robot companion for kids ages 0-7, who transforms storytelling and learning into a playful, immersive experience. We are looking forward to continuing our journey and expanding the potential of our toys through our creative learning platform. :) Octobo is a Kickstarter "Project We Love" and was featured on the Design and Technology category! Get one for yourself, for your niece, nephew and tell your friends about Octobo! Come discover all Octobo's cool features >> https://kck.st/2IahAfj Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Octobo! Very Best, Yuting
good present for kids
Hi there! This is Yuting, I'm the founder of Octobo. Octobo is the plush robot companion that leads you on super fun learning adventures! It comes with a soft cuddly (also sensor enabled) plush, a series of interactive storybook, puzzle tokens and educational games you can download to play on the Octobo platform! As a mom myself, I want to bring my kid the best toy that can foster his creativity, confident and curiosity. Me and a team of passionate designers set out on a journey to create a smart companion for kids with a true personality. We wanted to use the latest technology to create a platform diverse enough to support all subjects - math, reading, problem solving, emotional growth, you name it! We also wanted the technology to be behind the scenes, hidden within a tangible, huggable plush. After all, this is about achieving our goals of child learning and development. We have achieved our goals with Octobo, and we aim to keep expanding the Octobo universe of apps, books, and other accessories to make the platform even better! Please follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list - we are launching on Kickstarter in January next year, don't miss out on our super backer specials! <3, Yuting
This is awesome! I love the look of the robot and the digital face is adorable. Seems like a great product to try with my son! :)