Octane AI for Shopify

Increase Shopify revenue by 7-25% with Facebook Messenger

Octane AI for Shopify enables store owners to automatically interact with their customers on Facebook Messenger. Answer questions, recommend products, send push notifications with new announcements, and recapture lost carts.

Octane AI is used by brands such as Kiehl's, GoPro, Pure Cycles, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group.

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Hello Product Hunt! Thanks for having us! CEO and Founder of Octane AI here. We have been working on this for over six months, testing it with stores and getting it to work smoothly before it's full release. During our initial testing period, with a limited amount of stores, Octane AI generated almost $1,000,000 in additional revenue for Shopify stores (so amazing!). We are so excited by the potential of conversation as an interface, and eager to hear your feedback. People have been using conversation to drive sales and make customers happy since humans first began trading. From asking the store owner about which wine you should buy to messaging a boutique on Instagram to find if they still have that custom necklace left, conversation has always been — and always will be —  a core part of commerce. Today, conversations can be automated, and it is this automated experience that we are referring to when we use the term “Conversational Commerce”. This technology is hugely beneficial for fast growing stores that don't have the resources to personally message with each of their customers. At Octane AI we've made it as easy as clicking a few buttons for any of Shopify's 600,000 stores to add conversational commerce over Facebook Messenger to their marketing strategy (and this is only the beginning). We have designed Octane AI to give you all the tools and capabilities you are used to with email marketing (drips, flows, segmentation, scheduling, custom properties, etc) but with the benefits of conversational interfaces (automatically respond to incoming messages, interactive, casual, natural, etc). Examples of conversational campaigns that can be sent over Facebook Messenger using Octane AI include: • Seamlessly connect with the customer on Facebook Messenger. • Chat with the customer directly from the online store. • Touch base with the customer after they leave the store. • Let the customer know that their order has been made. • Let the customer know that their order has shipped. • Thank the customer after their first purchase. • Confirm with the customer that their package arrived and ask for their opinion. • Recommend products based on purchase history and customer data that’s been collected conversationally. • Ask the customer if they are ready to reorder a replenishable product. • Troubleshooting. • Answer question (both pre and post purchase). You will eventually be able to talk to technology as naturally as you talk to a friend. This will be done through smart speakers, virtual reality, augmented reality, and chat. As these different technologies evolve our ability to speak with them will evolve, and it is our goal at Octane AI to democratize this technology to all businesses. Octane AI for Shopify is a big first step in that direction.
@mattprd 🙋one of the early test stores here! I can attest, Octane AI is the real deal. We've seen pretty astounding success with it.
A few years ago we bots were all the hype. That excitement has subsided a bit and it seems these sales-driven, transactional use cases are most useful and increasingly adopted.
@rrhoover I prefer to think about Messenger marketing evolving from "this looks cool!" to "this drives actual ROI". A more intelligent, ROI-focused evolution of email marketing that provides a better experience on platforms customers already prefer over email.
@rrhoover I think originally everyone's expectations were set too high. It was expected that a bot should be able to handle any possible scenario, in any context, when in reality the amount of time and resources needed to do that is likely 5, 10, or more years (similar to how a product like Facebook may have started simple but over the past 10 years has been adding support for every possible form of interaction). By focusing on one vertical we're able to fully support the ecosystem by providing out of the box best practices and integrating with all the other amazing products that stores use. Long term I'm excited to see the inevitable merge of bots and virtual characters and interactions in augmented reality. NPCs for every business :)
I'm so, so, so proud of our team for this product. We spent six months in private beta, but we came out with a product that is driving real business results for stores around the world. It's making a big impact on their customers. Matt really goes over the story best, but I just want to thank our team for all their hard work on this one. Both Matt and I are here to answer any questions! ~ Ben
How is this different from ShopMessage?
Really cool product! However I'm a little concerned because I thought Facebook was blocking having the "Send to me in messenger" box checked by default. Did they change their policy or are you guys doing anything different to get it approved?