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The product looks to be solid, but there seem to be very big questions regarding ethics. One of the founders, has a Facebook Group regarding Bots where the community can engage in meaningful discussions. Here's a timeline of the events: " Here's a summary for the newbies: April 19 2016: Matt creates Bots group May ?? 2016: Matt starts a bot startup with 2 co-founders, Ben Parr and Leif K-Brooks. All 3 are active members of this group but make no mention of their startup until November 2, 2016. May 18 2016: octaneai.com is registered May 19 2016: Matt solicits applications + pitch decks from bot startups that want to be intro'd to investors. No mention that he himself also is running bot startup. June 3 2016: Matt posts "I haven't forgotten about you. It's simply taking a while to go through 100+ applications and pitch decks" Nov 2 2016: Matt posts "My bot startup just raised 1.5M!" Nov 2 2016: People start complaining about the lack of transparency and conflict of interest. Matt got 100+ of his competitors to supply him with their internal gameplans & research. Competitive intelligence at this scale was never so inexpensive. Nov 2 2016 (evening): At least 1 vocal detractor in the FB group is banned. "
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@pomihai I'd love to see a reply to this post from the founding team of Octane
@kewlking @pomihai Well, an idea is one thing. Execution —and ultimately, time— will filter out the fakers. Pitch decks are distributed freely without any NDA. No founder should give away the recipe to his special sauce. I can download hundreds of decks for startups in a multitude of spaces— bots, AI, concierge medicine— from Angel.co; can get a script to do it automatically, in fact. Free ideas are plentiful. Not even saying that this might've been done on whoever this founder is. Have no idea who this founder is, nor an inclination one way or another about Octane. I'm diggin' it though, right now, as a user.
We believe that in the future bots will become more widely used than websites and mobile apps. Because of that, I am excited to announce that we have started Octane AI, where we are doing everything we can to make this future a reality. The first step towards a future where bots replace websites and mobile apps is to help the 100,000,000+ businesses around the world setup their bots. This is the first thing we are focused on. Anyone can use Octane AI to setup a bot in minutes. You don’t have to create your bot from the ground up and you don’t have to learn conversational interfaces; we’ve done all of that for you. All you have to do on Octane AI is choose what you want your bot to do and then customize it to match your brand. Octane AI is incredibly easy to use. “Are the bots on Octane AI ridiculously smart? Can they do anything?” No. Why? Because the future where bots can understand you completely isn’t yet possible. But we’re doing everything we can to get us there. Right now the bots you can build on Octane AI are valuable, useful, and simple. Over time they will get smarter and smarter as the technology behind artificial intelligence improves. I founded Octane AI in May 2016 with @benparr, author of Captivology and marketing guru, and @leifkb, the creator of Omegle, a chat product that has powered over 200 billion conversations. We are backed with $1.5 million led by General Catalyst (Phil Libin, the creator of Evernote), Boost VC, Dimension 6, Brad Hunstable (Founder of Ustream), Larry Braitman, and Allan Grant (Founder of Hired). I continue to be inspired by the tens of thousands of amazing botmakers in the bots community. I encourage everyone working on bots to keep pushing the boundaries and don’t be scared to fail. These are the early days and it’s up to all of us to lead the way. Let’s create a future where bots raise humanity to an entirely new level of productivity, effectiveness, and creativity.
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@mattprd @benparr @leifkb We use Octane for out BotList chatbot and it's been an amazing experience! I'm excited to see the future of Octane.
@sethlouey @mattprd @benparr @leifkb The value of Octane is in its ease of use, and it gives content makers/writers a medium whose learning curve isn't steep. After a short while, you're off and writing convos; crazy complex interconnected convos via cross-referencing tangents; and helping scores of customers (and in some of our use cases, patients) ....
I've been able to play around with this platform a little (before it was made more beautiful!) Tell us why this is better than other bot-creation platforms out there. There is a ton of competition at the moment. The bot space is in its infancy right now and it seems to be devlopers using dev-central platforms to build bots and more even using custom frameworks they built. Do you think that the moment for a consumer bot platform is now? And why is that? Having a low barrier for entry is great on one side, it allows people like me to create bots. But flip-side, I can make a lot of shitty ones. I think thats a big issue with bots right now, too many are not great. Having a platform with examples, templates, help guides could be a helpful step It says request invite but I believe they are letting people in anyway. p.s. @mattprd I forgot my login details 😬
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@bentossell Great questions! And thank you for being one of our early testers <3 There are a lot of platforms that help you build bots, and a lot of them are awesome. These bot platforms fall into two categories: 1) APIs. You can use the API, if you are a developer, to create a chatbot. 2) WYSIWYG / drag and drop bot builders. In these you are creating conversational flows to create your chatbot. Both of these products are awesome if know exactly what you want your bot to do, and you understand conversational user experience, and you can program. But, what I've learned while running the largest bots community in the world for the past 6 month is that 99% of businesses have no idea what type of bot they need. They don't understand conversational user experience. They don't know how to use a bot API or create a conversational flow chart. So we created Octane AI with pre built features that businesses and brands can select from and customize just as easily as customizing a Facebook or Twitter page. On Octane AI you can showcase content, merchandise, get subscribers and send out notification (you can even schedule and target), you can create bot versions of forms, customer service, and more. It takes 5 minutes to make a fully functional, simple, and powerful bot on Octane AI.
@mattprd yeah... I mean Im not a programmer, I used Chatfuel and found it relatively straight-forward to build some bots of various abilities. BUT, like I said, people like using different things. People always will. Having the Wordpress for Bots is a necessary step. People sometimes use wordpress for their website, sometimes pay someone to do wordpress for them, some code it themselves, and some people use all the other various site-builders out there. I see a similar environment for bots. Is this platform going to be a self-serve only platform or will there be an 'agency-style' arm to it?
@bentossell Totally, but I think that you have spent a LOT of time learning about conversational user experience, which is why you can create bots from scratch (which is awesome). We've found that most people aren't as knowledgable as you are :)
@mattprd yeh my point is that everyone is different and at different levels. Having a 'wordpress for bot building' is a necessary medium here. asking again "Is this platform going to be a self-serve only platform or will there be an 'agency-style' arm to it?"
@bentossell Self-serve all the way!
Hi hunters! We've been working quietly on Octane AI since May, and it is so AMAZING to finally be able to talk about the work we have been doing to make bots accessible to everyone! Starting today, we'll be letting people into the private beta and gathering all of your feedback on Octane AI and how we can make it better. I'm really excited to be back in the game as a founder and working with Matt, Leif, and our amazing team to create the future of bots. ~ Ben
@benparr Ben, is this what you're focusing on? Didn't you have other projects going?
@benparr I just applied for access. So eager to try this.
Really neat and simple product - I've seen it in action and in use by brands. If email was the big communication method for businesses to communicate with their customers 20 years ago, bots could be the next big communication method. This product is essentially Mailchimp for Bots and making this communication method accessible to millions of businesses.