Next generation video surveillance infrastructure

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@_jacksmith, thank you for hunting us! 🙏 We are happy to share our newest camera with the Product Hunt community. We have started our company 2 years ago because as fathers we wanted a reliable security infrastructure for our homes. Most of you think “yet another camera” But the cost of ownership (device and cloud subscription) for most of them is high. And cheap copycats are not reliable and vulnerable to hacks. So we decided to build our own device and this is the second generation of our camera. As an indie team we are very much different from the corporate monster “They Who Cannot Be Named" and others: 1. SD Card: store video locally on an SD card and don’t pay for cloud storage. 128GB card will be enough for around 4 days of events. You will have remote access to your videos from anywhere with our App. 2. No monthly fees: our basic FREE cloud plan allows you to access all camera features like self-learning algorithm, two-way talk etc. Pay only for extended storage or use SD card and don’t pay at all. 3. Compact and easy to mount: take it with you on a trip (especially if you rent a random AirBnB room), use at home, office, mount it on the crib with a tripod or use Oco magnet to place it on your fridge, shelf, etc. 4. Honest: we deliver a full featured device for a fraction of cost. We don’t want anyone to overpay for something because of the brand, corporate struggles or investor’s expectations. Check out our crowdfunding video to learn more. We also have a special 25% discount for Product Hunt community. See the link 🔝 I will be here all day to answer your questions.
@agabisov @_jacksmith About to become a huge fan. For SD card recording, does this support looping then? Love the form factor!
@davidsfeng thank you! Once SD card is full Oco starts to overwrite the old videos.
@agabisov are these ready to ship now?
@davidkram we have just received yesterday the first batch in the US and it is ready to ship. The rest for this year will be manufactured in couple of weeks from now.
@agabisov awesome! Any special discounts available that can bring down the cost to the early bird price of $99 again? 😜 can't wait to order one
The intro video is insane. I am a fan already !!!
@joy014 thanks :)
That is one of the best product intro video's I've ever seen 👏
I actually got one of these on Indiegogo. The video doesn't quite do it justice. Here's what makes it stand out for me: - No monthly fees: They don't force you into a subscription. While cloud storage is available. You do get an SD card slot to store the recordings. - Magnet base: This may not be intuitive, but is actually a big advantage when it comes to mounting and adjusting the thing for the right angle. - Notification filtering: Lord, this is a big one! If you've dealt with any camera you know how your phone goes off every time your cat runs past it or a curtain moves because of a little breeze. Not here. - IFTTT integration: Noone else has this. I've set it up to turn off recording once we get home.
@romanzadyrako thanks for the feedback. With new features from @IFTTT you can build even more awesome automation scenarios
Great hunt guys, thanks! I'm thinking to buy one soon, so I have few questions: 1. is it wireless? If so, how long it works from 1 charge/battery. 2. Do I have to pay something after I purchased the camera? any subscription fee for the cloud, etc?
@paul_shuteyev Hi Paul, thanks for the questions. It is a Wi-Fi camera, however it is not battery operated. You need to plug it into the power socket. The reason we did it so is because most of our current clients use live streaming a lot. But any battery dies after several hours of live streaming. As for your second question - you don't need to pay anything. We have a free plan that together with and SD card provides you with solid storage. But we do have optional cloud plans up to 100 days.