A social network for scuba divers

Oceans' mission is to co-create the no 1 community and check-in tool for divers and explorers worldwide — using Oceans' data and imagery to make the oceans universally accessible for anyone, everywhere.

Available for iOS and Android: http://oceans.io

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Oceans is a community for scuba divers, it allows sharing of things like underwater photos, dive sites, and observations. The diving space is still fairly ‘old fashioned’ with most online communities looking like they never changed since the 90’s, and with many divers still logging this stuff on paper (eek!) so this looks encouraging. Its interesting to see so many more targeted social networks now targeted very specific audiences, particularly for sports/hobbies. I’ll let the founders @jmy and @dreuterwall talk a bit more about why they built Oceans...
@jasondainter how big is the audience of scuba divers? How do you guys see this expanding? Really like the concept
Thanks @eriktorenberg. There are some 20 million divers and ocean explores around the world. Scuba divers are the primary target, but there are also non-divers using our app to explore the underwater world, and that something we want to expand on in the future, too. Right now we are working on updates to add more advance logging tools and import functions to the app, and we are working closely with our users to co-develop these features.
@eriktorenberg Also check OpenROV: open source Underwater Exploration Robots http://www.openrov.com/
@seysconstantijn OpenROV is amazing, more ocean exploration to the people! :)
Thanks for the hunt, Jason! As long time divers, we noticed there wasn’t a great way to move your scuba logbook from paper to digital, so we started creating a mobile app that would make it easy not just to store dive data, but also to interact with divers, discover new sites and share diving adventures with the global community. We lunched Oceans 1.0 earlier this year after a long beta period, and we now have divers from literally all over the world joining us! While our primary users are divers, our mission is larger though — we want to use Oceans data and imagery to make the oceans universally accessible for anyone, everywhere. Coming releases will add some great stuff for divers, but also discovery tools for non-divers alike. Let us know if you have any questions! Team Oceans
Today, we ship the most exciting update to Oceans yet: Oceans 1.2 "Mantaray". With extended logging tools and a redesigned timeline we are making Oceans the most complete and user friendly social network for scuba divers worldwide. Free for iOS and Android at http://oceans.io
Way to go on the idea guys. I'm amazed. I'm actually just a snorkeler, but I'm fascinated by the fact that there are so many solutions out there that cover above-sea-level hobbies and almost none that explore the underwater. Good luck!
thanks @gurdotan! We love to see Oceans being used by people other than divers. The oceans are more then 70% of the earth's surface and the vast majority is unexplored. This year more than 100 new underwater species were discovered in the Philippines alone! The world's oceans are an important part of the eco system, and if we can help getting people interested in discovering it, that's a win! :)
I like the focus, and think the scuba divers is a really interesting...and fairly large...segment. One idea -- a "trover-like" photo app but for underwater would be badass (of course, if you filled it with amazing content). "and check-in tool for divers and explorers worldwide" I know you already built your technology, but wanted to let you know we open sourced a location sharing platform last year that may be of some interest: https://github.com/oh-hey-world/... "Oceans goal is to make the underwater world universally accessible to everyone, evreywhere." Typo :)
Thanks @drewmeyers! That's a great idea. Will look into your location sharing to see if that's something we could integrate. Typos are bad, will fix asap :) Thanks for the heads up.
Love seeing niche specific apps/networks like this! Looks great!
@dswiese Thanks Sean! We love them too! :)