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#2 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2014
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I used Ocean for an updated design of my website (http://ocean.ink/p/show/546284a3...) and I got some AMAZING feedback! I was immediately sold! I think it's really cool that Ocean has a community of designers that actively comment on people's designs. Which, I think, is the most unique part of Ocean!
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Thanks so much for the hunt @erikfinman! Here's some backstory on Ocean... When I first started out as a designer I lived in the ##design IRC channel. Whenever I just moved one small thing, I would post a screenshot to the chat. Most of the time people would ignore it but some of the time people would say, ‘oh, this part sucks, you need to move it’. That informed everything I know about design and is my inspiration for creating Ocean. I'd love your feedback on the site!
@henryboldi I'm not a designer by any means but I would love to tag along and offer my average Joe feedback to designers. Great concept and idea to receive legitimate feedback for free!
@seanodon Thanks Sean!
@henryboldi I love the concept, Henry. Finally I can get critiques from designers who understand how frustrating it is getting feedback from non-designer friends.
Finally we can get feedback of design from a great community and awesome people in such a smart way.
@henryboldi Maybe it's just me. But can you make it more than 9 designs per page? My high res mac doesn't feel satisfied :)
@sofialarss We never thought of that! Why do you want this?
@henryboldi No big deal. Just feel click too much on pagination :)
Also @henryboldi is 16 which is SUPER impressive! He's killing it! As always!
It's interesting: my initial reaction is that I would pay for expert reviews of my design mockups. So a free-to-join community is a great value proposition :)