Occupy the Bookstore

Chrome extension to easily surface cheaper textbooks

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Peter Frank
Working on dev.to
@bhalp1 and I are happy to answer any questions you folks might have.
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Ben Halpern
Founder of dev.to
@PeterKimFrank or questions you don't yet have. The answers are yes, yes, no, 40, yes, I was drunk, no, no, 0, yes.
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product+biz NYC
"We developed OccupyTheBookstore.com, a Chrome Plugin which overlays competitive market prices for textbooks directly on the college bookstore website. This allows students to easily compare prices from services like Amazon and Chegg instead of being forced into the inflated bookstore markup. Though students are increasingly aware of third-party options, many are still dependent on the campus bookstore because they control the information for which textbooks are required by course. We've been asked to remove the extension by Follett, a $2.7 billion company that services over 1700+ college bookstores. Instead of complying, we rebuilt the extension from the ground up and re-branded it as #OccupyTheBookstore, as the user is literally occupying their website to find cheaper deals."
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