Designer eyewear with screen light protection

Designer eyewear with blue light protection for professionals that want to focus on what they do best.

We love digitalization, but are alos painfully aware of how it affects ur bodies. OCCIES is a pilot project for a series of tools that will help us cope with the change, so that we can continue evolving into awesomer human beings.

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1 Review5.0/5
Haven't tried the site on mobile, but love it on desktop.
@thomassugar Glad to hear you like it, Thomas!
Lol, horrible user experience on mobile. When you click "add to cart" the slide show changes (Since it's bigger and way too close to the add to cart). I like the concept thought.
@_davisnz This sounds strange and is not at all intended. Thank you for pointing it out! May I ask what browser/system you are on?
@_davisnz This should should be resolved now.
@degtor Awesome! I was using Safari
The site is too pretty, and doesn't work so well. Really nice product though. I would like to grab a pair even though I have perfect vision.
@abasa Happy you like it (for the looks). We'd love the improve the UX. Any elements in particular you'd like improved?
So these only come in one style? Disappointing. People have different face shapes, noses, eye distance, etc.
@neurohacked Unfortunately, at the moment, yes. More models will be added soon!
Great design on the website. When I add a pair to my cart however it takes me back to the beginning. If you check, it says the cart is still empty. (Using Chrome 58 on Mac OS Sierra)
@camroncade Ah yeah. @grantfwilkingson1 solved it for us. It's the URL-structure for referring through producthunt. We'll fix this as soon as possible. Meanwhile: Browsing occi.es through directly typing it in the adress bar should work fine.
@camroncade Should be resolved now.