Simplifying usability testing on Android



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Raveesh Bhalla
Raveesh BhallaMaker@raveeshbhalla · Product/Design Consultant
Hi everyone! Pretty excited to share something I've been working on for the past few months. Obsrv is an Android app that's designed to help those of you who do prototyping and/or usability testing on Android. I built it out for some research that I have been doing here in India (http://nextbillion.design), and once I realized how useful it could be, decided to polish things up and share it with the rest of the community. I go into detail about the app in a blog linked below, but here's a quick tl;dr • It supports Invision, Marvel and Framer prototypes • You can combine any combination of prototypes into a single project using their share URLs (helps organize prototypes made with different tools, which happens all the time) • You can share an entire project with another person with just a single link • You can record a user's screen as he goes through your prototype to review later or share with team members • Other simpler but useful stuff, like reloading a prototype to start over, jumping straight to the next prototype in a project and creating homescreen shortcuts. Do give it a try, and I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions! The blog's over here - https://raveesh.in/introducing-o...
Raveesh Bhalla
Raveesh BhallaMaker@raveeshbhalla · Product/Design Consultant
Something I forgot yesterday - if anyone wants to try out the app but doesn't have prototypes to add, simply use this link - http://get.obsrvapp.com/m/ErRIEO...
Mohit Mamoria
Mohit Mamoria@mohitmamoria · Maker and Storyteller
This is amazing! Feels like a breath of fresh air.
Shubham Badal
Shubham Badal@shubhambadal · Internet Enthusiast. Building CybrHome.
This looks interesting Raveesh . Its so good to see such kind of products are being built in India. Keep me updated about future developments. :)
Abhilash Jain@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
Great work @raveeshbhalla this is super handy.