Obsidian Tees

High quality shirts for the daily minimalist.

Better quality SUPIMA shirts designed to save you time & mental energy. So you can focus on things that matter.
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For $50, will this t-shirt take out the trash and do dishes :P Maybe walk the dogs? Maybe I’m just cheap (ahem, frugal) but there are very few articles of clothing that I’ll spend that much money on. And yet, now I’m intrigued. What if I’ve been missing out on premium t-shirts this whole time?
@nicksimard Those features will be available for version 2.0, over the air update of course. I've gone thru dozens of low-quality black shirts and wanted something better. Hence the reason Obsidian exists. I figured if I'll be wearing a black tee every day for probably the rest of my life, it better feel great, be more durable, and look sharper then our average cheap tee. I'm hoping others will appreciate it too.
@nicksimard It's simple: Quality over Quantity. Buy for life. Would you be frugal on something else you use every day? A bed? Your computer? All the things you interact with on a daily basis contribute to your livelihood, and having things that last for longer improve both your efficiency and your impact on the world.
t-shirts look nice. What's the difference between an Obsidian premium shirt and a Uniqlo Supima for £9.90?
@rdlou Hey Robert. Thanks for asking. Our shirts have a higher GSM (grams per square meter.) Meaning they'll feel less flimsy, the blacks will look deeper due to the density of the material, and they'll last longer after multiple washes compared to cheaper thinner shirts. Basically, you're paying for a more durable and sharper looking shirt. ;)
@rdlou @onesaint just a question. Why wouldn't I just go and buy a new t-shirts? All the T-shirts I'm buying less for 10$ are keep okeyish for 2-3 months. That's totally enough for me. And maybe I didn't get a catch. But the only black color is boring.
$50... No thanks.