Obsidian is $99 Printer with high print quality and with its Plus and Deluxe version you get to enjoy features. Add-ons like Smart LCD, WiFi printing, remote control, print streaming through the attached camera, power outage recovery and many others! We are now live on Kickstarter so please visit:
@bojandesign Congrats! This actually looks pretty badass and you can't beat that price tag.
@elliot_s_volkman Thanks man! Yeah backers love it!
As someone who does a lot of 3D Printing on YouTube, I love seeing new printers showing up on producthunt. This looks like a really solid machine and for a really great price
Thank you Clayton, much appreciated!
This looks beautifully designed. 😻 From their launch page: “We felt there was too much of a gap between cheap, unsightly printers that are complicated to assemble and use, and overpriced 3D printers. We knew there had to be a better way to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. We want everyone in the world with an idea in their head to be able to hold it in their hand.” I have known this team for a while now and they've done some incredible work behind the scenes to produce an incredible 3D printer that is actually affordable. They've already surpassed their backing goal by $447,757 as of writing and there is still 28 days to go on their campaign. 👸🏻 Great video rundown here: I'm sure they'll be more than happy to field any questions the community has! 💬
I tried to get their early bird pricing, but they were all gone within 10 minutes. :|
@joshdance honestly, the super early bird was a very stripped model from what I understand. No LCD faceplate, no internal camera, no app authorization. The version that is displayed in the video is the $249 model.
@joshdance They actually were gone in 1min :) Funded $100k in 3mins. Keep your eye on for more good stuff to come!
@joshdance @hvllows Yes it is bare bones but still $49+shipping was great deal. Deluxe version comes with so many add-ons it is not seen in $1500 machines. Just sayin'
@joshdance @bojandesign Oh I did not mean to be disparaging or anything! I am hoping to back before the end of the campaign, just need to convince the wife I need another toy.
@hvllows all good man! :) Just tell her it is much needed Pro device, works for me :)
This look awesome! I love how accessible 3D printing is becoming.