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Gorkem CetinHiring@gorkemcetin · Countly product analytics
I would personally suggest that you provide more examples, how end user benefits from those set of packages and maybe some testimonials, including how it helped your users. I "feel" that there is some value here, but from this web page I can hardly understand what it all brings. Hope you great success!
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager, ProductSnacks.com
@gorkemcetin I agree. .it looks lovely and seems it could be useful, but I struggled to understand 1) What problem does it solve/opportunities it opens? 2) What are the benefits? Develop faster? Reduce development and maintenance costs? Reduce risk? etc. If you took one customer and described e.g 'before obsidian, life sucked. We couldn't develop fast enough. We struggled with x,y,z. After obsidian, life was a dream...because...we developed twice as fast at half the cost...' All the best!
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
@prattarazzi @gorkemcetin Totally agree. We're planning to produce a couple case studies that illustrate its usage in practice. Stay tuned!
Cedrik@cedriking · Programmer, Co-Owner, Studio Quipo inc.
@gorkemcetin I felt the same, there's obviously an issue on that home page.
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
what is the single greatest value with your product? how is it better/different from what's out there? Looking to sell myself on it and the website was awesome but too sweeping in its promising poetry.
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
@samir_doshi In our opinion, its greatest asset is that it's open-source. Unlike our competitors (CloudKit, Kinvey, etc.) you have full control over what you're deploying, and can modify/extend it to suit your purposes. Hope that helps!
Mikael Löwgren@mikaellowgren · Founder RemindMeAt
@nickplee Are you using this as backend for your apps at Tendigi?
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
@mikaellowgren Yes, many of them.
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @ eon.codes
Awesome landing page design!
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
You can thank @heartsarts for that!
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @ eon.codes
@nickplee @heartsarts dribbble link? :D
Blaine Hatab@blainehatab · Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
I'm pretty sure this is a BAAS like firebase, right? Still not entirely sure where this lies.
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
@blainehatab You're correct. We used it in-house on client projects for a while (before Parse was sunsetted) but ultimately came to the realization that open-sourcing Obsidian would a) provide us a way to give back to the community and b) improve the product by opening it up to external contributors.
Vigan Bytyqi@viganb · Product Developer, Founder Animus Home
Beautiful graphical profile, now work on clarifying the content. I would suggest you ask some of your users how they would explain the concept/product, structure this information and then provide it on your website in simple language.
Nick LeeHunter@deleted-162988 · Partner, TENDIGI
@viganb This is the cadence we're seeing in most of the initial feedback. Stay tuned!