Obscura 2

DSLR controls for your iPhone

Obscura brings the kind of controls you’d expect from a professional DSLR to your iPhone. Designed with intuitive controls, ergonomic design and beautiful filters Obscura is the camera that gets out of your way.

Despite its simplicity, it’s deceptively powerful.

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Obscura 2 is one of the best iOS camera apps around, I used Obscura 1 and now 2, which is a clear evolution of the phone camera, it feels great while using it and the controls are very innovative and intuitive. The filters are exquisite designed with quality resulting in quality mobile photography.
@jcmarin Thanks Juan <3
How does this compare to Halide? Anyone try both?
Any possibility of getting this on Android?
@hasan_diwan No, we're pretty focused on iOS, and I just don't think there's a sustainable market for premium apps on Android. Add the complexity of trying to support so many different hardware cameras, and it's just too much for us
Does iOS let you control the focus, aputure, and iso manually or is this a software improvement?
@tonybrix there are system APIs for adjusting focus, exposure, iso and shutter speed. (The aperture is fixed on all iOS devices.) Obscura uses these to allow you to adjust these options with more fidelity than the stock camera app. Hope that answers your question!
@benricem Thank you. That does answer my question. Apple gives developers more control than I thought it would.