There's always a better camera than the one with you

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I built Obscura for a few simple reasons. I'm a photographer and I love using my iPhone as a camera but constantly found myself struggling with the controls (or lack thereof). I also thought a camera app should be usable with one hand, ideally with one thumb. And I wanted to make it quick to produce nice images that were immediately ready for sharing without a load of editing to be done after. I already do enough editing of photos professionally, I wanted my phone photos to be fun. I made Obscura myself over the course of a year, I recently changed the pricing model which has been more successful than I anticipated. I'm a design student and self taught when it comes to development. If there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask.
@benricem What's the app built in? ObC or Swift?
@benjamineevans Almost all ObjC. I think the Walkthrough and FAQ are in Swift just to dip my toe in the water. I had more done in Swift but it was a little unstable and I pulled a good bit out.
@benricem Ben, can you make Obscura available for iOS 8?
@benricem do you have any promo codes for the app? Would like to try it out.
I'm always looking for new iPhone camera apps. The one I use the most, Apple's default one, is pretty good. But sometimes I need more control. Got no need for fancy editing or busloads of filters, just an app with a bit more manual control over the quality of the shots. Obscura seems like the prefect app for that.
There are a lot of iPhone camera apps out there but its refreshing to find one that acts like an actual camera. The quality of the output is really quite good. Now if there was some way to get RAW files from the iPhone without having to add on another camera...
@lynnfredricks It seems likely that we'll get it eventually given the somewhat recent mentions of RAW support in iOS 9 I think.. I'd be very keen to support it
I have developed a custom camera module by inheriting the iOS camera for a QR code scanner in Obj C. I knew how hard it is. Well Done @benricem ! I have been using the app for quite long time and loving it.