Oboo Clock

Interact with your clock with touch, gestures, or via wifi

#5 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2017

Redefining the clock for the 21st century. Connectivity, smarts, and a new way to interact come together in a truly useful device.

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Looks great!! What’s the pricing? And it’s Availability of India?
This clock looks great! I've been wanting to get a smart physical clock, but while there have been cool Kickstarter ones, they were quite pricey. At 69$ this is quite affordable
They lost me at gestures (and the name). I have never seen a gadget that successfully uses gestures and at a mere $69, I guarantee you that this device won't either.
Looks pretty great, a nice balance between what’s on your phone and what’s on your nightstand (since your phone shouldn’t be!) Having something like this might be the step I need to actually succeed at leaving my phone away from my bed. Beautiful design too.
With the exception of self-charging isn't every feature listed, also available on 95% of the world's phones?