Objection Co

Free review removal chatbot for businesses

Objection Co uses Artificial Intelligence to provide automated Review Removal Strategy for businesses. Using AI and Automation we can include review removal instructions in our notifications, based on the unique content of a bad review. Objection Co currently monitors and provides strategy for Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews as a third party.

Thanks for hunting @curtis_boyd could you tell us more about how you came up with the idea? Is the goal to spot and remove bad reviews before customers see them?
Hey @Abadesi, thanks for reaching out. The goal is to empower business owners and marketing teams and help with their Online Reputation Management. Normally, review software can only notify you that a bad review was published. With us, we include detailed and instructional review removal strategy that includes photos and video, based on the unique content of the review on a per-review basis. Not all reviews qualify for removal, but if they do we want to let you know why and how to remove them. Our notifications usually come minutes after bad reviews are published. Let me know if you have any more questions :)