Mobile Database 10x Faster than SQLite 🚀 Easy to implement

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ObjectBox is a high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device database for mobile and IoT. In addition to performance, we aim to build the most straight forward APIs for you to implement ObjectBox.

  • ObjectBox.io
    ObjectBox.ioThe superfast & easy mobile database

    fast, small, easy :)


    still a lot on the roadmap

    Disclaimer: part of the maker team

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  • Daniela Gausmann
    Daniela GausmannStay curious!

    Easy to use and implement! Give it a try! OPEN SOURCE


    not that known, yet ;-)

    Perfect for Android Apps

    Daniela Gausmann has used this product for one year.
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Dorian Spc Lovera
Dorian Spc LoveraMakerHiring@dorianlovera · Growth Hacker
Hi Product Hunt, We’re proud to share our extremely fast and easy to use database with the community :D We are also the team behind other Open Source projects like EventBus and GreenDAO. ObjectBox is our newest project: an on-device database that is 10x faster than SQLite and takes only 1/10th of the code to implement. ObjectBox is multiplatform, lightweight, optimized for small devices, making it a perfect fit for Mobile and IoT, especially for data intensive apps like AI, AR or Video Games. Moreover, we are also building a fast and easy syncing solution on the top of ObjectBox. To find out more about our out-of-the-box syncing solution, visit objectbox.io/sync If you have any suggestion we would love to hear them in the comments. Thank you for helping us!
Elliot Salazar
Elliot Salazar@elliotsalazar4 · Love software
This looks pretty cool. I checked out the docs pages and only saw Android support, and I was wondering if you’re going to have objectbox for iOS as well?
Dorian Spc Lovera
Dorian Spc LoveraMakerHiring@dorianlovera · Growth Hacker
@elliotsalazar4 Thanks! That's right, we are already working on iOS and will be launching it very soon. You can opt-in here if you want to be among the first informed ;) https://objectbox.io/ios-alpha/
Elliot Salazar
Elliot Salazar@elliotsalazar4 · Love software
Arthur@arthur_sav · Software Engineer
Objectbox has been on my radar for the past year. I gave it a thorough look about 6 months ago and concluded that it's hard to adopt without making serious compromises i.e check issue #104 on the java repo. With that said i think objectbox could be a great mobile db down the road.
Markus Junginger
Markus Junginger@markusjunginger · Developer developing for developers
@arthur_sav That feature is on our radar, and I think we should have it in quite soon.
Roland Clifford
Roland Clifford@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
very cool, i like it
Patrick@justawebguy · Creator of Donut Dog App
What makes you different from Realm?
VivienMakerHiring@mobile_n_games · CEO ObjectBox
@justawebguy mainly speed; check out our (open source) benchmarks: https://github.com/objectbox/obj... this review https://notes.devlabs.bg/realm-o...
Michael Makarov
Michael Makarov@sandsaber · Android Developer
@justawebguy @mobile_n_games I would say the work with threads, I don't like how realm work with threads and so on, especially if you use RX for multi-thread and streams, objectbox here much much better and chilling :)