Obie for Chrome

Free browser extension to help you find docs & wikis, fast.

Accelerate Work: The free Obie browser extension accelerates knowledge capture, reuse and discovery in everyday work. Searching for internal documents is frustrating, so Obie creates a single source of truth for all your file search needs.
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I'm a big fan of the Obie team AND Chrome extensions, so naturally this is getting me excited.
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While this product has been been bouncing around in our brains for a while, the recent shift to work-from-home/distributed/remote team models has influenced the design and we've tried to optimize it to accelerate individual work in this setting. With people losing the opportunity to shoulder-tap their colleagues in an office-environment, accessing knowledge in the remote setting introduces a new challenge to workers everywhere. No one really knows for sure whether companies will structure themselves to be completely remote, centralized or a hybrid version after the pandemic subsides. But the reliance on disparate cloud-based tools for managing work and knowledge are definitely here to stay, and we hope this new way to use Obie will enable people to do the work they need to do with less frustration, more convenience and higher productivity.
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@pollock thanks for the hunt 💪 Hello once again, Product Hunt! The Obie team and I are thrilled to share with you something new we've been working on. Well, truth be told, we've actually been working on a browser extension for over a year but hadn't found the proper launch pad for it until now. Today, we are announcing Obie for Chrome 🎉 a free browser extension to help you find documents, notes, presentations, wikis (& more) FASTER at work. Furthermore, the browser extension was a perfect vehicle to introduce two new (and very important) plans: Personal Free and Personal Pro. You see, before today, Obie was designed for teams and larger organizations—you also HAD to use Slack. Now, Obie is free and available for individual use. WHAT 🕵️‍♂️ Obie connects with over 16 out-of-the-box integrations such as: Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, GitHub and more to instantly enable one source of truth for knowledge at work. WHO 🧓 Founders, sales people, support agents, remote workers, marketers; anyone who frequently needs to access repeat information, can begin to accelerate work with Obie. WHY 🤷‍♀️ We built the Obie browser extension to reduce the friction in getting started with our technology, reduce our dependency on Slack and democratize knowledge access at work. HOW 👨‍💻 We use an intelligent federated search, combined with home-grown natural language processing and just a dash of rule-based machine learning to create a robust and intuitive search experience. I'll be around to answer any questions and would LOVE to hear feedback if you give it a try - it's free and literally takes less than 1 minute to install and setup! 🚨 BUT WAIT.. THERE'S MORE... This week only, Product Hunters can get 1 free month of Premium Pro by using code: PH2020 at checkout 🔥
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Great tool for remote work. I’ve been beta testing it for a while and it's super useful. I find it especially useful for navigating the various google sheets/docs/slides I access on a day-to-day basis....Google Docs, Jira, Trello, etc. Great extension! P.S. I also use it as easier way to store bookmarks with context into Obie.
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@johnkyeremeh 🔥 thank you for being an early adopter!!
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@chrisbuttenham Do you see Obie for Chrome tackling just the search problem or are there are problems you are thinking of focusing on?
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@johnkyeremeh good question! As much as Obie makes it easier and faster to access information, we're on a mission to help you capture that information as well! Our first answer to this is "FAQs" which you can add, edit and delete right within the extension as well as capture with the Chrome "context" menu by right clicking on highlighted text in the browser.
Man oh man this is a long time coming. Well done Obie team. I just installed the extension for personal use since my company doesn't use Obie. I usually search for things in my chrome search bar because my browser remembers my search history. But this method fails when I want to find something I haven't accessed frequently or recently. Obie to the rescue! The beav was faster to use than navigating to my GDrive and swimming around in there. I'm a bit worried I'll hit the 20 query/wk limit on my free account too soon. Maybe that's a good sign of a good product.
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@carolynchong thanks so much!! We hear you on the 20 search limit. That's great feedback, actually. Like all new things, we had to make some educated guesses on how to position the new Personal Free and Personal Pro plans. Based on real user data from other users using Obie, 20 searches per week is actually fairly generous for the average active user (believe it or not). If the search limit trips you up on gaining value from the product, let me know—we'll need to fix that! Good news, though! You can use code PH2020 for unlimited searches for the first month and/or share your affiliate link to get more free searches when your friends install 🎉
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