Obie.ai 2.0

Access knowledge quicker without leaving Slack

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Alex Sopinka
@alexsopinka · CTO, Tasytt
@writerpollock - thanks for posting! I'm Alex, the CTO of Obie. AMA if you have any questions about bots, building bots, or leveraging them usefully in a development team. :D


Tristan Pollock
@writerpollock · EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
Teams perform better when they have quick access to the right resources, tools and knowledge. Obie makes that possible with bots/AI and a lot of love. Imagine making your company's internal knowledge queryable and that's what they do. Brilliant.
Patrick Frey
@askpf · Founder, Regard
Looks great. A much needed Slack enhancement!
Terrance Kwok
@terrancekwok · Vidyard
Wow - this looks awesome. As an SDR Manager, I could see this having a huge impact on how the team accesses sales enablement content. Searching through Google Drive is a total pain.
Chris Buttenham
@writerpollock - thanks a bunch for posting. This update is a big step for the Obie team, and it represents a big step towards our mission to help teams organize their knowledge and make it universally accessible and useful. Obie.ai is the brainchild of the team here at Tasytt. We are currently at 500 Startups working diligently to build a product that ena… See more
Andrey Zinoviev
@andrey_zinoviev · Co-founder and COO at Visabot
It's so cool you don't have to leave slack to access what you need! Keep rocking guys!