Bite-sized training and knowledge delivered to Slack

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Hi Product Hunters! I’m the Founder of Tasytt, the startup behind Obie. We started Tasytt to make it easier to for companies to capture and share 'tacit' knowledge. We originally built a web platform, but realized no matter how sexy you make the UX, people still hate recording knowledge and using learning solutions. That was our lightbulb moment and we’ve since built Obie, a Slack bot with the answers to your company’s questions. Obie answers questions from a company knowledge-base and deploys processes, how-to's or training in short, bite-sized bursts. He can also search your Google Drive and will let you add to your company repository right from Slack. Very interested in feedback from the community and my co-founder Kate and I would be happy to answer any questions that come up!
@chrisbuttenham Congrats on the launch Chris! The onboarding use-case makes so much sense for a bot.
@robjama Thanks Robleh!
Love the logo! Nicely done and congrats