Obama Animated Stickers for iMessage

Funny hand crafted GIF Stickers for iMessage

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Obama gets Animated Stickers. Trump gets mean GIF generators πŸ˜‚
As Obama left the white house his approval ratings were super high. I decided to celebrate him and these reaction sticker gifs will help us keep our spirits up in every day convos on iMessage. :) Meant as pure fun and a lighter side to our heated political environment.
@rumford Nice idea, I'm curious though how you managed to get this approved by apple considering their copyright/intellectual property guidelines? I had a sticker concept using faces of recognizable figures and the legal team called me to explain why they rejected it...Including that faces of real people are absolutely not allowed per the new guidelines specifically on iMessage apps. I'm so confused right now and would appreciate some tips..thanks
8 years too late...
Should re-release. People good use a good dose of these good vibes right about now...