A Japanese subscription box of homeware and crafts

Get Obachan is a monthly subscription box full of high-quality Japanese lifestyle products sent directly from Japan. Every Get Obachan kit is unique and includes Japanese-made items you can’t find anywhere else such as traditional ceramics, washi stationery, textiles, prints, old and new fashioned toys, and other homewares.

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YAY I ❤️ this, thanks for hunting @micheleangeloro I love all things Japanese and I'm going to ask someone to get me this for my birthday which is very soon. Could you please tell us more about how this all started and how you curate the selection? Arigato 🇯🇵🎎
Thanks @abadesi I love everything Japan culture and crafts from homeware to stationery, textiles and funky toys! My goal in life is to let people learn about Japan and I thought I could combine my passions into one project so I made Obachan :) I'm definitely not a pioneer in this industry but I believe that Obachan is very unique in its way as in every box you can find a little bit of everything. The selection is one other important peculiarity: Obachan's boxes have no fixed themes (when products are picked considering a specific subject) and this allows us to go hunting without restrictions and select the best of Japan from different categories. Hope this helps and hope to you'll get your box for your birthday! Cheers 🌸
I would love to have some of these beautiful items❤️
@tuiaara_linnala hi there! signing up to our newsletter grants you a 10% off discount on any monthly subscription ;)
This is so cute. I wonder how this will stack up against Japan Crate?!
@cszhu that's simple! we don't ship snacks and candy (for now!) but homewares, toys, textiles and fancy stuff ;)
I was looking at your Instragram page and I too love things from Japan but from my perspective many of the things featured in the box are small novelty items, nothing practical or can be used day to day. I love housewares but more modern/contemporary or classical designs not the very traditional Japanese designs that are centuries old.
hey @arthurgd3 thanks for your feedback! we do have modern designs too. in fact, almost all products featured on instagram fall in the "modern/new" category besides the traditional patterns on plates and textiles that were made centuries ago. what are the designs you like? cheers
It is always an exciting experience learning about other cultures and now we are able to do so from the comfort of our own homes?! The subscription would be even more intriguing if food items are included in the boxes like non-perishable snacks or drinks.