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Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Having created oauth.net, I'm a little concerned about the potential for community mark infringement... i.e. that oauth.io is somehow endorsed by the OAuth [open standard] community. Can you speak to why you decided to name your company/app in this way?
Augusto Marietti@sinzone · CEO, Mashape
@chrismessina you can name your company like the project as long as the OSS is not delivered via an Apache license.
Alex Vinogradov@alexvinogradov4 · http://www.cfc.io http://heartin.net CEO
5k calls free and then paid? joking... it have to be free up to million requests, why servers APi calls? we don't need to do calls, we call directly yo server's of providers...
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@alexvinogradov4 We have opensourced all our platform on github (https://github.com/oauth-io/oauthd), you can host it on your server for free without any limitation. It's for this very reason the free limitation in oauth.io are low. Does it seem fair?
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@thibaud_arnault @alexvinogradov4 We've enabled server API calls because lots of our users was asking for it - mainly to manage the refresh token
Jose Casanova@jcsnv · <3 APIs and IPAs
One of my pet peeves is a non-updated copyright footer date (ie: © 2014 OAuth.io). First thought that comes to my head: if that hasn't been updated, then the app might not either. Overall, the product looks great though.
Thibaud ARNAULTMaker@thibaud_arnault
@jcsnv Thanks for the feedback, we forgot this one, it will be updated at our next release tomorrow.
Jose Casanova@jcsnv · <3 APIs and IPAs
Scott Wall@scottwall0 · Professional Services Reporting Engineer
I'm pumped on this