The app where Pinterest meets Yelp 🍳

Oatmeal is an app that aggregates photos from the best places nearby to help you discover places to eat, drink, and have fun.

Say you're looking for a place to eat, you can use Oatmeal to scroll through a bunch of food photos taken at restaurants nearby. When you tap on a photo, you'll get detailed information and directions to the restaurant.

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Looks pretty cool, would love to try out an Android version of the app!
@dannywitters, Interesting concept :) In India, we extensively use Zomato for food discovery which is now in 23+ countries including the US and is already a unicorn 🦄 How do you differentiate from them and how are you planning on scaling this?
@amrith We're creating a discovery experience that places photos as the primary interface. Instead of getting a text list of places, we are trying to make it more of a photo album. We're not thinking about scaling at the moment. Focused on getting the product right.
Already trying this out and it’s really useful.