A smart shower head with a sensor



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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
I feel like this could look a lot prettier!

I wonder what the water saving potential of this vs a Nebia would be? (I'm still intrigued by the Nebia and its mist-style shower)

Perhaps there should be different styles to as I know many people like a variety of shower heads, pressures etc

btw, do people move out of the water to soap up?! Maybe I've been doing it wrong
Mike Coutermarsh — Code @ Product Hunt
@bentossell haha :)

Needs to be prettier. And I've never had those auto sink faucets work well, not sure I'd ever want one in a shower. Maybe only makes sense for gyms.
Evan Schneider — Mechanical Engineer
@mscccc @bentossell I agree -- auto sinks can be really annoying! I tried my absolute best to ensure that wasn't the case here, though! Please check out the eecosphere review for more details on how it worked out for them if you're curious (there is a calibration step that helps to ensure proper performance, unlike auto faucets in airports).

Re. making it prettier... noted! I focused more on functionality that appearance thus far, but will try to change that should I have the opportunity to going forward.
Ryan Bush — Product Designer Entrepreneur
@theschneiguy I think we might be able to help you with the prettification. You should check out some of our work at paradigmID.com and get in touch with me, ryan.bush.id@gmail.com.
JB — Founder
Great product!
Alternative Use Cases (asides from home):
Gym Showers..
Swimming Pool Facility Showers..
Hotel Showers..
School Dorm Showers..
Housing complexes & apartment blocks unit Showers (LandLord)..
Hospital Patient Care Units..
This will save tremendous amounts of water hence money for said locations!
Consider marketing to aforementioned parties..
I hope this was beneficial for you to read! :)
Jaswinder Brar
bryan — Product Management, Symantec
@jay_bee12345 you could also see something like this getting rebates from local water departments. Here in California it seems like we're in a perpetual state of water scarcity and conservation -- even with El Nino -- and getting consumers incentivized to install them would be a good motivator.
Evan Schneider — Mechanical Engineer
@bryanz @jay_bee12345 Thanks guys! I'm trying my best to reach out to many of the users you've mentioned, and have definitely had some interesting and positive conversations. I appreciate your interest and the good thoughts!
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