A craft wine shop in your pocket

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Mason Allen
Growth @ Trueface / Co-founder @ Oaked
Thanks for hunting us @nickabouzeid! Discovering small-production craft wines should be as easy as enjoying them. But it isn’t. Craft wines don’t line the shelves of Safeway or Trader Joe's. They aren’t easily available on-demand from your nearest liquor store. They hide in tiny tasting rooms down long dusty roads you have to traverse mountains to get to. We created Oaked to make craft wine more accessible to anyone with an iPhone. We do the hard work up front sourcing the best small-production wineries so wine enthusiasts and novices alike can easily find, learn about and order wines directly from the independent, passionate, hard-working people who make them. We’re here to answer any questions or comments you have. We’d also love your feedback on our app. We’ve got thick skin so please let us know how we can improve. Cheers! - The Oaked Team P.S. - We’re knocking off our processing fee ($5) on all orders for the Product Hunt community for the next 24 hours.
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Will BodanskyHead of Operations at Trueface.ai
Love what you guys are doing! Keep it up :)
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Congrats gents!
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Thanks again @nickabouzeid! We appreciate all of your support so far and we'd love any additional design and UX feedback. BTW, we're waiving our service fee for the PH community all day long!
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Matthew BaierCOO, Built.io
Love the care and thoughtfulness that's gone into the app and wine selection!
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Kyle Marc Walsh
VP, Product, DataTape | CoFo, OAKED
@baierfire thanks for the comment, Matthew! Design and simplicity is at the core of what we're building - the wine will continue to stay fresh so keep checking in to see whats new!
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