An expanding (monthly) icon set for the price of a coffee

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Hello! I'm the maker of Oakcons. I really love creating icons its what I do a lot at work but in my spare time as well. That's why I decided to build on one big expanding set and share it with the world. The €2,00 is just for coffee that I buy while creating these little nifty icons. I hope you enjoy them and I will answer any questions here :) Cheers! P.S. I Will add PayPal support later today.
@hiddevdploeg This is awesome. I'd make one suggestion—add a page that just shows all the icons in your set. This set seems like a great value, but I want to take a look at the entire set (without it moving).
@samuelrsolomon Will build this tonight! :) probably the amount of icons in the top right corner will link towards that page :)
Pokéball icon? Buying it right now.
@syswarren Gotta catch'em all right?! Why do you think they're called OAKcons ;)
Really cool project @hiddevdploeg !
I just relaunched the product! Better files, Updated every 2 weeks, Super clean SVG's and better distribution! http://oakcons.com
Oakcons is your lifetime icon set for the price of a coffee. For the price of €2,00 you buy your way into a icon set that will keep expanding every(!!) month. You get all the icons in PNG and SVG + the original Sketch file. Nice project by @hiddevdploeg !