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O6 is a device and mobile app that was initially developed to enable the blind to use mobile applications, and is now being used to combat distracted driving. Our mission is to Free our Eyes without tuning out the world around us. You can use O6 to control apps without looking at or touching the screen. O6 turns the stuff you love to read in apps into radio stations. We believe that O6 is far more accurate and responsive than Voice Command interfaces. Here is a Blog titled "Dangers of Voice Commands" - http://bit.ly/DngrVoiceCmds Here is a Blog on the need for a Truly Eyes Free interface titled "The smartphone drains more than just its battery" - http://bit.ly/1U9h673 Thank you. P.K. Mishra www.o6app.com
@pradkmishra that's really awesome!!
In their time at Highway1, I had the privilege to watch PK and his team approach user validation and product development with enthusiasm in arriving at their current elegantly-designed product andmarket entry point. The use cases for O6 are numerous, and helping drivers avoid distraction is an excellent mission.
This is awesome. Great job PK + team!
Well done 06! Love your product. Would it be possible to control our Spinn Coffee maker with this device in the future? Check out www.spinn.com. Let's connect and find out more. Good luck with your Kickstarter campaign. Spinn will back you!
@sergedewarrimont Thank you Serge. Of course, we would love to! At this moment, we support media controls and plan to roll out home automation control after we roll out our core features. We already support open APIs so the device can be integrated with any application or device.