O RLY Cover Generator

Create parodies of the iconic O'Reilly book covers

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There's also a Slack app. O RLY?
@rrhoover just started playing with it.... awesomeness!
I run http://twitter.com/thepracticaldev where I've been known to make some of these parody covers. Recently, Charles Berlin reached out to let me know he had made the Slack integration. So we collaborated to build a web client as well! There are definitely some unhandled edge case bugs in the generator. Feel free to message The Practical Dev on Twitter to report any of them.
@bhalp1 this is cool.
Why don't they have the horrid little monkey animal available!!!? the true classic: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie....
WHYYYYYYYYY hahahaha This is terrific, great idea
Very cool! @smhutcheson posted the Slack integration last week.