A large-scale sensory plaything for kids of all abilities

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This looks super exciting! Love these innovative toys that can stimulate so many different learning outcomes at once.
@juliensteel thanks so much! That's exactly right--we see so many possibilities in the power of open ended and inclusive play. Every time we see kids playing with O-Rings, we learn something new ourselves!
@cynthpoon @juliensteel Wich age ranges are you targetting? Moreover, have you thought of bringing it outside the United States? I cofounded Simba Education, a social ed tech company in South-Africa, and we are always looking for innovative things we can use.
@juliensteel The O-Rings are great for the 0-12 age range, but we have seen particularly creative and imaginative interaction with kids ages 3-8. Definitely would love to go global with our products one day! We are still navigating the fees and shipping costs attached to sending something so large internationally, so it's tricky at this stage, but if we get interest we are willing to figure something out! Simba sounds great, too. Would love to hear more about your work and how you define Ed tech! Sometimes we like to consider ourselves as part of that realm as well.
These look like fantastic props for unstructured play, fun for kids of all kinds. The color, size, texture, and weight differentiation should help maintain the interests of children with sensory processing disorders. Looks like a great fit for autistic and asperger's kids, maybe ADHD too. Do they come in adult sizes?
@kkdub Thanks Kelly! Yes! O-Rings are definitely great for kids in the spectrum, kids who crave sensory feedback, those with ADHD, and really any growing child. We actually started designing with a specific girl in mind, and based on her specific needs in OT, PT, orientation and mobility, as well as her needs at home, we created O-Rings to be adaptable in a wide range of environments, usable by a wide range of ability levels for her and her friends, and to be able to "grow with" her as she got older. This way of combining user centric design and universal design has definitely allowed us to overlap the developmental benefits and play opportunities of kids of various abilities. As for bigger sizes... We're working on it :)