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Hi, The idea for O’Daddy emerged when my daughter was born during an especially stressful time, when we were getting an investment from Alibaba Group for my previous startup. As you can imagine, emails, phone calls, meetings, documents, and spreadsheets were consuming my time and mind constantly. In the midst of all that, my daughter Tamar was born. I was holding her at the hospital's nursery and suddenly, nothing was more important, nothing was urgent. Time stood still. I was thinking, spending quality time with my kids means more to me (and to them) than anything else. Later I conducted some research and found out that I’m not alone. The problem we’re tackling is a big and global one. Surveys confirm that we work long hours and feel guilty every day about not spending enough quality time with our kids. Even when we’re with our kids, we’re actually absent: texting, working, wasting time on our smartphones, rather than enjoying the moment. So my partners and I decided to fix this problem. How? Through technology, fighting fire with fire - a mobile app that helps parents spend more quality time with their kids. Meet O'Daddy. How does O'Daddy work? You simply enter your kids' age and gender, and enable location, and the app starts providing you with ideas for fun activities you can enjoy with your kids at home and outdoors, both free and paid. It lets you know of events for families in your city and of restaurants, activity centers and other kids-friendly venues nearby. The app has an enormous set of mapped activities and events, and uses machine learning to find the best matches for you and your kids based on your preferences as we learn them over time. When you ask yourself - "what do I do with my kids today?" - in the afternoon, weekend, on a holiday, when you travel, or right now on summertime - O'Daddy will give you the answer. We've just launched O'Daddy a few months ago and constantly working to make it better for our parent users. We're on a mission to get parents and kids to enjoy more quality time together, preferably away from their phones, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for making that happen! Thanks for giving our app a try and letting us know what you think!
@oded666 That's very cool idea. In my opinion, you should focus more on UX/UI design. Right now this layer of the product doesn't help to build a trust in it.
@lucakorol Thanks for the feedback! We're putting a lot of efforts on the design these days and constantly improving the user experience. If you have specific things that bothered you when you used the app, please email us at support@odaddy.me and I'll put the CEO's personal attention on it! :-)
Not available in US? Sad face.