Nyrvana Chocolate

The world's first smart chocolate

Say Hello to the World’s First Smart Chocolate. Packed with brain-enhancing nootropics and (THrē) Natural Sweetener, Nyrvana enhances your metabolism, brain function, and energy, all while treating you to the delicious taste of chocolate & peanut butter.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
I love how science-based food and wellness products are becoming. As someone who appreciates bio-hacking of any kind, I admire the combination of smart ingredients in Nyrvana's chocolate. I also appreciate anything that is chocolate, so this was a win-win find for me.
Usually sugar free candy tastes like sugar free candy — not great. Not this. I am amazed how great the taste is. Rich and decadent chocolate. Peanut butter truffle is my fav.
@jdblack7 Totally agree! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them for the first time. PB is my favorite too :)
Love the top view photography! Any references for the product photographer? Can’t wait to try these!
This is THE BEST sugar free chocolate I have ever had. And with it's plant-based blend of natural sweeteners, I get that same amazing texture and sweetness of sugar without the crash and for only 1/10th the calories. Amazing!
I am a sugar junky trying to get out of the unhealthy lifestyle and live a live a better life. I was absolutely blown away by the taste number lets get that straight and the health benefits! I feel amazing eating a few of these in the am or anytime of the day. I get my fix and I feel amazing afterwards!!!! Idk about you but I stay stocked up on Nyrvana's Truffles! Peanut Butter is my fave!!! Do yourself a favor and give em a try!!