Fastest visual search for your app, webapp or messenger bot

Nyris is a visual product & object search engine for your app, website or messenger bot. The nyris engine delivers results in less than 1 second and you receive a unified, merged result as JSON object.

I know where that came from :)
– waiting for exactly the same Project Shoe
Have you used this for your projects @edgarnigel? How has it helped your users so far?
Hey @amrith as I'm not more than a hobby developer myself I didn't use it so far. However Nyris participated in our 1st Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin batch and are really getting a lot of attention of enterprise customers in the retail segment who want to integrate them in existing solutions. I hunted them because I believe that their API is really easy to use and integrates with a lot of different tools developers love. That's what I heard from other developers who use Nyris.