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NYNJA is built for teams that work. From communications to payments and even to building teams themselves, we are leveraging the most advanced technology available to create an integrated suite of services to be the last collaboration tool you will ever need.
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It would be nice if you can make the background screen text in different colors...


The video call is very clear and i like the menu wheel too. Its pretty cool:)


Larger text...

Hi Product Hunters! My name is Dan and I work in marketing at NYNJA here in Hong Kong. We built NYNJA to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote teams to better collaborate whether they're across the hall or on the other side of the world; speak the same language or not NYNJA is designed to break down barriers to make teams work better. We would love to know what you think, we are constantly iterating to improve the product and onboard every bit of feedback we get, from UI/UX to stability. Some cool things to try: - Real time transcription of voice messages (awesome if you're in a meeting and don't want to be rude) - Real time translation that happens inline beneath the message you've just received which can be tailored for each contact depending on the source language - You can even translate voice messages by first transcribing and then translating the resulting text message - NYNJA supports conference calls for up to 100 people for free (we'll be adding screen sharing in a few weeks) - You can also schedule messages to arrive later if your contact is in another time zone Check out our how-to videos to see more https://www.nynja.io/videos You can also work via our web interface at web.nynja.net Thanks guys! Looking forward to your feedback!
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