An open-source robotic kitten 😻

Nybble is a robotics kitten that changes its movement, behavior, and CAT-itude as you program it and help it grow. Built on an open source platform, Nybble has endless possibilities in the way you can "teach" tricks, make it faster, and make friends by communicating with other Nybble owners.

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My got this looks so cute but they say it's a "flexible goal" meaning they get the money even if the campaign does not get fully funded.... We they actually ship in that case though :(
I started to make OpenCat (https://www.hackster.io/petoi/op...) to learn hardware programming and make a pet for myself. Later I got addicted and wanted to work full-time on it. So I registered a company in hope to support my family. The challenge is how to make a scalable product for mass production. Nybble is one solution to that. With a laser cut frame and all-in-one PCB, we can make Nybble affordable and enjoyable by more people. Our campaign is live on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/nybble Thanks for your support!
Robot cat gifs, are they the future now?
I’ve seen this demo and it’s amazing to play with in person! The Cat is totally interactive, walks, purs - it’s really cool. Rongzhong has a a DIY kit already built out that makes assembly easy enough for me to get it for my 8 and 9 year old niece and nephew.
how much it cost?
@babken_karapetyan Now the $175 early birds are all sold-out. There are $200 ones ship by April. Thanks for your support!
@babken_karapetyan @petoicamp Where can I buy it Rongzhong please!? Would it be easy to assemble?
@cecilialeehs Our campaign is live on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/nybble The assembling is like a puzzle. We tried with some kids, they do need some instructions, and we will post that. Thanks for your support!