Keep up with technology news in twenty tweets.

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Oooo I like this. Simple enough! Do the companies covered always stay the same? Would be awesome to have a personalised feed eventually
@bentossell Thanks Ben! In the /companies view we defined a list of companies to track. There are ten at display each time and they change order depending on what's trending. We'll keep personalization in mind. ;)
@bentossell Yes! we thought about this since day 1! I even suggested that we included a signup for that personalized version as a way to: - Catch the audience that are interested in the personalized version but not so much on this version; - Gauge interest; - Gauge concrete opinions on how to do it! (I'm quite curious to know how @rrhoover 's Invision experiment for this new version of PH went. I wonder if there were too many opinions to handle or if there were valuable things in there that changed the final product in the end [it looks a tad different from the Invision page I saw, I wonder if it was from that]. I'm a fan of approaches like that, I know that opinions usually come from past experiences + mindset, and that more people have a bigger breadth of those, and they tend to be very valuable, especially if you do Products for a living, like PH's awesome community). That said: for everyone that upvoted this, if you have a concrete idea on how to implement the personalization and what kind of personalization you want, or any other kind of suggestion, we would love to know about it. After all: this was made for you guys, the audience. Hit us up here or on Twitter at will. Cheers and thanks
YES! YES! YES! Actual bite-sized content! 🙌
@jlft bite-size content is love 💕
Curious how real-time this feed updates. Could be useful to get news coverage, crowdsource by "the best tweets" during the Apple event today.
@rrhoover The feed updates every 5 minutes. Following http://nweets.co/companies/apple might be a good way to get news about the Apple event. We're curious to see how it'll work. :)
Another cool project by the team behind Morning Reader https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Awesome job @joantune @jlft, I've been lucky enough to have been using the beta for a few days & use it daily! I love the simplicity & the fact the content is pulled from Twitter, & embedded!
@gadgick @jlft Glad you liked it :)